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A Farm's Humble Beginnings

After researching, studying and developing 'the plan' for about 7 years, and with a lifelong fascination of botany & gardening, The greenhouse just before COVID-19 arrived. I jumped at the chance last fall to begin the farm. I expected to save a lot more money, buy land, and begin operations there. But the Cosmos offered Plan B: to rehab an approximate 30'x96' greenhouse in Londonderry and gain additional knowledge and insight in preparation for setting down roots (no pun intended: actually, totally intended!).

Late last fall, with a brokered deal but without a signed lease, I began working on the greenhouse. My son-in-law would later remark that the 'bones are good,' when he stopped by to help me cut brush and saplings that were trying to reclaim the land. We worked for hours with electric hand tools pushing back the wilderness.

I vainly sought a company that would/could replace the plastic film over 'the bones', but no one had an interest. I waited for early spring to arrive to solicit 3 other guys and do it myself. Spring arrived early, but brought a guest, COVID-19. I had planned to begin operations in late March so as to have vegetable and flower flats to sell in May. Now, like almost everyone else, I am refining plans day by day but still plan to open sometime in 2020.